Training for industry readiness is an accepted practice in order to be ahead of the herd. We have been making a name for ourselves with our systematic approach in this field. DKOP Labs Pvt Ltd has been providing Industrial Training in VLSI Design since 2007 to help students make the transition from academic learning to industry preparedness. Gradually, we started Industrial Training in Software Development and Embedded Technology as well.

We had observed for quite some time that the interview-to-selection ratio was drastically going down. Companies screen 100s of candidates to fill one single position. Lot of human resource is wasted in the process and it is primarily because the candidates are not industry-ready although they may have scored good marks in the academics. We felt, we could make a difference by bridging the gap between Academics and Industry.

DKOP Labs Pvt Ltd is not just about training. The objective of Research division is to undertake research in the burning problems of the industry and work towards their solution. It serves two purposes – it utilizes the skills and experience of our highly experienced and qualified team while giving them opportunity to keep abreast of the latest technology developments. Our research division has successfully delivered many projects in Software, VLSI & Embedded domain.

We understand and appreciate the learnings at the Engineering/Science Institutions and assume that the students have build up a level of Knowledge through learnings at Academic Institutions. We at DKOP Labs, work towards Skill Development by building on top of this Knowledge using Industrial approach and application of the Academic learnings.

Enhance Your Job Prospects
In VLSI Industry by turning You into a Certified VLSI Professional

Creating a Talent Pool
Merging Academic knowledge with industry tools, technologies and practices

Industry-Academia Gap
- Bridging Academics & Industry by helping Institutions setting up state-of-the-art Labs
- Conducting Industry oriented On-Campus training programs for students